Ivy and Bean艾薇和豆豆系列11册作品合集电子书下载

Ivy and Bean艾薇和豆豆系列共11册by Annie Barrows,适合7-14岁学生阅读
01:Ivy and Bean Book 1
02:Ivy and Bean and the Ghost that Had to Go- Book 2
03:Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record – Book 3
04:Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter 4
05:Ivy and Bean Bound to be Bad 5
06:Ivy and Bean Doomed to Dance 6
07:Ivy and Bean What’s the Big Idea? – Book 7
08:Ivy and Bean No News Is Good News – Book 8
09:Ivy and Bean Make the Rules – Book 9
10:Ivy and Bean Take the Case – Book 10
11:Ivy and Bean One Big Happy Family – Book 11

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