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Cathedral of the Sea, by Ildefonso Falcones is the literary successor to Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth. A debut novel about faith, freedom, and love, Cathedral of the Sea is set during the construction of Barcelona’s greatest landmark and against the backdrop of the Spanish Inquisition.

Spain in the year 1320 is a place of great danger. Bernat Estanyol and his infant son Arnau, are forced to escape to Barcelona after Bernat’s wife is appropriated by the cruel feudal Lord of Navarcles. In Barcelona, Bernat and Arnau can be freed from their ties to the feudal land if they live for a year and a day without being found.

But life is never easy for the Estanyols. Despite their hopes, they find that freedom is a relative term when one is indebted to an unforgiving and devious brother-in-law. After the tragic death of his father, young Arnau finds himself orphaned and alone. With nobody to turn to, except the Virgin Mary and the Santa Maria del Mar church, Arnau devotes himself to the church and embarks on a life filled with drama, war, riches and love that his father, a former serf, could never have imagined for him.

Faced with hunger, war, a city in turmoil, and the Spanish Inquisition, Arnau finds a way to escape from his pre-determined feudal destiny: through faith and hard work. He finds love, friendship, and embarks on numerous careers: as a builder of the cathedral, as a moneylender, as a soldier. Cathedral of the Sea tells the extraordinary story of the first populist: a good man who never forgets his humble origins.

Though set in the distant past, Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones is distinctly modern: concerned with what it means to be a man, father, son and, most of all what it means to be free. Cathedral of the Sea is an intensely readable and relatable novel. Engrossing and compelling, the story of Arnau Estanyol is not to be missed.


Ildefonso Falcones is a well-known attorney who lives Barcelona. He found fame when his novel Il Catedral del Mar sold over a million copies and has been #1 on the Spanish bestseller lists for ten months. In Spain, he is often compared to Ken Follett and his book had drawn numerous comparisons to Follett’s masterpiece The Pillars of the Earth. Falcones has also been called “the new Dan Brown” by El Mundo. Now, Dutton brings this giant international bestseller to an American audience.



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